If you remain busy in your profession and need support to earn money safely in the stock market...

If you do not have the time to track the stock market yourself...

If fundamental & technical research is not Your Skillset…

But you still want to earn from markets...

Try trading with us!

If you remain busy in your profession & need support to earn money safely in the stock market…

If you do not have the time to track the stock market yourself…

If fundamental and technical research is not your skillset…

But you still want to earn from markets….

Try trading with us!

Earn Profits Safely, Steadily, Consistently & Peacefully.

How does it work?

Step 1:

We invite you to join our telegram group free for 1 month and experience the service risk free.

Step 2:

On the telegram channel you will see us sharing our stock purchases with the group and then sharing a tracker everyday.

Step 3:

Over the one month trial that you avail of our group, if you feel you are with the right team and you wish to continue, then all we ask of you to click on below button and open an account with Angel Broking.

Why Choose Trades for Profit


We trade only in fundamentally strong stocks


We buy when the time is right.


We sell when the profit is right.


No stop loss.
No leverage.


Delivery trades only.


No unnecessary risk.

Our Method

Our approach is thorough, solid on research and vigilant of unforeseen events:


We conduct fundamental research on the top 500 stocks trading on the National Stock Exchange (CNX 500 universe).


The top 100 of these are selected and then we apply technical analysis – including Elliott Waves, Gann, Classical patterns and Computerized indicators to identify favourable odds of profit.


We buy the top picks in quantities we can take delivery of and then wait for profits to build, tracking the holdings on a daily basis on technical parameters, valuations, any news or corporate events that might impact price projections.


Trade in high quality stocks.


Book regular profits on momentum swings.


Build cash reserves.


Then use the cash to accumulate for long term, great stocks when available at attractive valuations.

Such an approach is successful because shares of high quality, profitable and free cash generating companies always remain in demand and continue to rise over long periods of time.
The idea is to identify such strong companies using fundamental analysis and then use technical analysis to benefit from opportunities that market presents on them during periods of corrections.

About Trades for profit

We are a group of traders and research analysts, who have collectively spent almost 3 decades in the stock markets. We have seen the ups and downs, the good times and the bad times. We understand the risks in the market and the challenges of dealing with uncertainty.

During the course of our trading, we noticed how most people assumed untenable risks trying to dabble on tips without a sense of position sizing, without a solid research or methodology behind their actions or worse still, trying to become rich very quickly by trading in derivatives (F&O) without undergoing proper training, then losing everything and more.
We observed various services available in the market – almost all of them are either charging thousands of rupees every year for tips or recommendations from “stars & experts”, but there is no one who walks with you through your trades and does it at a price point that makes it feasible for you to make money among all existing charges.
So, we decided to launch -Trades for Profit – a service that tells the truth, that does NOT charge anything in the name of tips or recommendations or advisory, yet walks along with clients through their purchases to profits in a Simple, Steady, Solid and Dependable manner.
At Trades for Profit, it will always be our goal to keep bets away from any unnecessary risk and build a consistent delivery of profits for you.

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