We are a group of traders and research analysts, who have collectively spent almost 3 decades in the stock markets. We have seen the ups and downs, the good times and the bad times. We understand the risks in the market and the challenges of dealing with uncertainty.

During the course of our trading, we noticed how most people assumed untenable risks trying to dabble on tips without a sense of position sizing, without a solid research or methodology behind their actions or worse still, trying to become rich very quickly by trading in derivatives (F&O) without undergoing proper training, then losing everything and more.

We observed various services available in the market – almost all of them are either charging thousands of rupees every year for tips or recommendations from “stars & experts”, but there is no one who walks with you through your trades and does it at a price point that makes it feasible for you to make money among all existing charges.

So, we decided to launch -Trades for Profit – a service that tells the truth, that does NOT charge anything in the name of tips or recommendations or advisory, yet walks along with clients through their purchases to profits in a Simple, Steady, Solid and Dependable manner.

At Trades for Profit, it will always be our goal to keep bets away from any unnecessary risk and build a consistent delivery of profits for you.