How Does It Work?

Step 1:

We invite you to join our telegram group free for 1 month and experience the service risk free,

Step 2:

In the telegram channel you will note that:

  • We always share our intention to buy selected stocks one or more days in advance of our actual purchase. With it, we put forth our rationale to buy them and also the risks associated with such a purchase. This allows our clients ample time to discuss these opportunities with their registered financial advisor should they wish to. We recommend that they do so.
  • Then, on the day of purchase we again send a second notification providing a broad sense of time when we are likely to buy the pre-discussed scripts. This ensures there is no surprise element to people in their busy schedules. We will then send a third and final notification during the time of purchase. This way, we offer you full opportunity to assess our trades and yet the choice to ride with us when the time is right.
  • We keep track of our purchases and continue sending you a tracker on the telegram group every day for ease of reference. Once a week, we share updates if any, on the shares we are holding so you are abreast of any latest developments on them or if there are any change in views.
  • When the profits are right we issue a first notification one or more day in advance alerting you that we now intend to book profits. The next day we will send you a second notification of the anticipated price levels where we will book profits so you have a sense of exit timing. And then we will send a third and final notification at the time we are booking profits.

Step 3:

Over the one month trial that you avail of our group, if you feel you are with the right team and you wish to continue, then all we ask of you is to open an account with Angel Broking using the below link.


Brokerage is very competitive – only 15 Rs per trade for turnover below 50,000 Rs and 30 Rs per trade for turnover above 50,000 Rs,
There are no other charges, no other fees. However, we do expect and track that you are trading in the account opened through us at Angel broking. It’s just fair – correct?

Continuation of membership to the telegram group is solely at our discretion.

We believe that no one should need an invitation to make profits, and it remains our endeavour that we deliver a dependable and trustworthy service that makes it possible for anyone to make money from the markets.
If you are ready, then lets get started – you are invited to join our telegram group here…